November 28th, 2001


I hate forgetting things

I forgot to get my check to Eskimo to renew my account, they'd sent me a notice before Thanksgiving, and I just completely forgot to send the check in, what with Kathy coming by and everything. I'm tempted to back up everything from the account, but it's more than 10 meg worth of stuff, including all of Jet's pictures. Actually, I guess I could just backup my home directory and all my mail because I already have a backup of all the pictures and the indices into them.

That would be doable.

Still, it's annoying that I completely spaced on getting that in. They are, however, gracious enough to give me a week's grace, when I said that I'd sent the check in, so they've marked the account to give me the time, since I sent them a letter saying that I really wanted to renew.

I'm glad they are that good about it. It doesn't stop me from worrying, though.
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The world, this morning, was all white with frost. It was like someone had taken a giant flocking machine and flocked the world with crystalline white, it shone like diamonds in the morning sunlight. It seemed too pretty to be real.

Last night it hit -4 degrees, and it was not only cold outside, but in the house it felt as if the world were leeching the warmth away from the house's interior. It was pretty amazing to get up in the middle of the night and know that I had to have my pajamas and robe or else I'd be shivering. I went out, in the evening, to put a letter in the mailbox and I dressed up in my boots that could protect me to forty below and John's really heavy winter coat, and when I stepped outside, it was like someone pulled all the air from my lungs.


THIS is cold.

It always causes me wonder when the world gets this cold.
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