November 30th, 2001


Lotion Motion

So much for Jet being well. He's got another cough and stuffy nose thing, and was up four times last night, with one of them being an hour and a half. I'm surprised he's up and active and happy this morning, he should be as trashed as we are and we traded off, each taking about half the time up. Then again, I guess sleeping while nursing or sleeping in one or another parent's arms isn't that trashing.

I think I'm getting the cold, too. Ah well.

The weather outside is gorgeous. The world is still white, but the sun is out and warm and brilliant. It's like living in a Christmas card. Speaking of which, we're actually thinking of doing picture Christmas cards this year, for the first time ever. But I guess with all the pictures we've taken of Jet, there's got to be something we can use.

I had fun making John his birthday dinner last night. The last Good Eats new episode was on crepes, so I made the batter while Jet needed changing and nursing, and then when John got home he rode and when he was done with that I made crepes and then filled them with ham and broccoli in a cheddar cheese sauce and sprinkled more cheddar on top to let them bake a little until they were hot through. Served with a spinach salad with bacon dressing and crisp croutons it was really yummy.

Then the three of us went to Dairy Queen for dessert because John said he wanted Dairy Queen for dessert. It was fun and yummy. Jet, in his Cookie Monster bunting, tried to steal ice cream from John. We walked through the really cold night to Safeway and got a few things, not everything on my list, but the few things that would make another day or two easy. Stuff like eggs, flour, milk, onions, and salad dressing, all stuff we'll always use no matter what the meal. Jet had a great time twisting around in the seat of the cart, and we had to watch him really, really closely, but he did fine.

This morning I wasn't so lucky. He was playing with the stuff on the bottom shelf of the changing table, which we've made one of the areas that he's allowed to play with. There was a bottle of lotion in there, along with a tube of sun screen and a tube of Desatin. I thought it was fine, as he's played with all that before and hadn't gotten into any trouble, and I was half asleep and wanted to sort about three week's worth of laundry. So I sorted away, and he was quiet so I didn't worry.

I should have remembered that when he's quiet is when I really should worry.

John got up and I heard him go, "Ahhhgg! No..."

Jet had managed to unscrew the top of the lotion bottle and then leaned on it, and there was a big puddle of lotion on the floor and the carpet next to the changing table. Eek. Of course, he was sitting right in the middle of the puddle. He had also managed to pick up the slippery cap and had, of course, put it in his mouth. So he had a little lotion all around his mouth and a lot of lotion all over his arms, legs, and face. Well moisturized boy. He also managed to smear lotion all over John's shirt, his face, and arms. He got me, too.

He was really happy, though. We cleaned him up, called poison control, just in case, and they said it was safe enough, it would only act as a laxative if taken in a large enough quantity. It wouldn't get absorbed by his system, at all, so it was just fine. It was relatively good for a first Big Mess, not dangerous, not smelly, and relatively easy to clean up. We're going to have to use a carpet cleaner on the lotioned carpet, but other than that it mostly just wiped up and in this cold weather, the rest was just good for someone's skin.
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Unsurprisingly the Sorting Hat put me in Gryffindor. What really amuses me is that I would have had exactly the same results if I'd just put don't know for everything...

Amusingly, the other test shows me to be most like Minerva McGonagall and then Hagrid, which I like surpassingly well.

Mood Game

I've figured out something really odd.

I can figure out my mood by how I play Window's Freecell. I can tell if I'm depressed or if I'm feeling good about myself or what I'm doing by how I play and what my general statistics are. It's pretty interesting.

Theoretically, every Freecell game can be won.

When I'm feeling good about myself and feeling not too tired or not too grumpy or not to angry and depressed about how futile my actions are, I actually play really well. I can get 66%, easy, and during one particularly good week, I had nearly a 90% win rate.

When I'm feeling really depressed I tend to give up far more easily, and I get around a 50% or lower rating. This week I've been around 40%. It's mildly eerie to find a game mirroring my mood, but it makes way too much sense when my lose rate is tightly tied with my perception about whether or not I'm capable of winning.
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