December 7th, 2001



Forgot that today was a plant closure day. So I'm working away cheerfully, building up more hours for later. Whee... though the afternoon meeting is gone, and I'll be able to play with Jet and do what I like! Hoorah!

Jet ate a jar and a half of baby food this morning. Voracious boy. I think he's going through another growth spurt and he was up two times last night to eat because yesterday afternoon we went to the work Holiday Party for Toys for Tots (it's incredibly fun to walk through a crowded room with a baby in one arm and three sacks of toys in the other and have two others following me with a bunch more sacks. I didn't know kids's toys were so cheap at Target). Jet didn't actually eat all that much there or at Sakura afterwards, though he did heroically mash handfuls of sushi rice into his face, he nibbled some of my unagi (I should probably have chopped up a whole slice for him instead of just giving him nibbles off mine, he would have eaten it in a flash, I think... okay,.. encouraging expensive tastes in my baby while he's young), and then the sushi chef came over with a cup of cracker sticks and imitation strawberry goo.

Jet proceeded to paint John's Hawaiian shirt with strawberry goo before he figured out it was actually for eating... then he sucked away at the stuff happily and ate three sticks in a flash, which, amusingly enough, had cheddar cheese in them. I've heard of cheddar and apples and cheddar and pears and cheddar and grapes, but imitation strawberry???

A very filled day, yesterday, which is likely why he had a mildly restless night.

Today looks like snow, even though all the forecasts were denying it voraciously. The storms in the mountains have generated some big storm clouds that have finally headed our way, for once, instead of just dying on the mountains.
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