January 8th, 2002


Dentist Visit

I visited the dentist that fixed things for me after Halloween, and found out that the dentist that put the two new fillings in might actually have done one of them wrong and that's contributing to the decay of the tooth next to it. Growl.

So I have to have the new cavity filled, which means taking out an old filling that tooth had first and refilling the whole thing. We'll fix that first. Then see if the other dentist's filled tooth has to be redone, and then do that if that needs doing. Also the opposing crown has been aching and we're hoping that the refill can just do something about that. Worst case, the newly decayed tooth might have to be crowned, the filled tooth has to be refilled, AND the opposing crown has to be replaced.

Good thing I upped my flexible medical spending plan.

The good news in all this is that the phantom ache in my left jaw may be fixable. I may well be able to eat any damned thing I want again, and it may just take one filling. I always terrify myself with all the possibilities. Hee.

Jet also only got up once last night, for a ten minute cuddle. Hoorah! Progress on the night parenting is always good.

The other cool thing is that Joan has asked to do deep water aerobics with me. They put a float around your waist, so you can float free in the water, and then do non-impact aerobics with resistance on *all* limbs. This is very cool. Also, given that she has to drive me, and I have to expect her, it improves, dramatically, the probability that neither of us will blow it off. So that will be Wednesday night.

I'm kinds of scared of it and kind of looking forward to it. Amusingly enough, after taking Junior Lifesaving swimming classes I've been terrified of deep water ever since, yeah, I did the whole series of kid swim classes up to that point, but that class made me terrified of deep water after I breathed water hauling a 20 pound weight from the floor of the pool when I only weighed, perhaps 50 pounds myself. So we'll see how I do.

After unexpectedly losing five pounds over the holidays (from Thanksgiving until now, so there was plenty of time for it), I'm looking to keep up the progress. I suspect that between my teeth, finding that flavored seltzers by Canadian Dry made me feel like I was drinking a pop without the sugar or sodium or anything else, and doing things like cross-country skiing, I managed the weight loss.
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