January 10th, 2002


AD&D stats

Yeesh. I'll also agree with those that disliked the use of 'education level' for the Int stat... and a lot of the Chr questions could be answered differently for a Meyers-Briggs Introvert versus Extrovert.

Str: 9
Int: 15
Wis: 14
Dex: 16
Con: 11
Chr: 17

The test.

Boy am I sore...

The instructor last night said that half an hour of water aerobics is like an hour and a half of land aerobics, and today, I could not dispute her claim. We were in the pool for forty-five minutes, doing stuff for pretty much that whole time. Wow, I'm sore. Not the way I used to be sore when I played a hard soccer game, though, the head-sized bruises on my legs just don't happen, thank goodness. The no-impact aspect is very, very nice.

My fear of the deep water helped a lot, I think, in that I was constantly in motion in the water, even when I could have, possibly, been still. I also realized that I'm pretty dense, because even with four floats, which even the largest of the women there thought was a lot of buoyancy, I sunk under the surface every time I was either still or when I emptied my lungs. There wasn't ever a point, however, where I thought I was in any trouble, really.

The interesting thing is that while I also might have been a little breathless, my heart rate never seemed to go up terribly, but when we got out of the pool, I felt kind of rubbery, the way I do when I've had a really extensive workout. I really liked that. I'm very sure that it did push my heart rate, though, good aerobic workout that it all was.

I was definitely glad that Joan went with me and vice versa. We provided company and encouragement for each other, with a whole pool full of strange women, and the whole experience of donning a swim suit in a locker room with a bunch of other people was just fine with someone to giggle over it all with. I was also glad that I'd dropped by McGuckins and gotten a locker lock, we both used it to keep our bags in a locker while we were in the pool.

So, overall, I think it was a success. While we did find out that they actually had the classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I think I'm just going to stick with the Wednesday one for a while, make sure I don't burn out on it and do some low-impact exercise some other days, as walking is good for my bones, too.
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I haven't said anything before this, not wanting to jinx it, but Jet's slept through the night, without getting up for three nights in a row!! Just suddenly, boom, he could sleep through the night!

I am amazed, grateful, and, finally, not painful with milk in the morning. Hoorah!

So the Sears book was right. Just provide parenting until they figure it out for themselves, and they will. Wow.
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The World is White With Snow

Everything is covered with fluffy, soft, white, slidy snow, nearly five inches of it. I'm very glad that I'm not having to go into work in this with all the other people on the road. It's sunny out, too, so it's likely to all melt away quickly, but the trees looked like the velvet covered horns of a young spring buck, furred in pure white.

It's kind of magical, turning the world strange overnight.

Last night, as we were coming out of the community rec center, it was raining, because it was so warm out, and the moment I got out into it, I took a deep breath and sighed happily, "Mmmm... the scent of rain." It made Joan laugh, who was, in Seattle, kind of tired of the rain happening All The Time, and she was much happier here. Still, even she agreed that there is such a lack of rain here as to make any time it did rain a real treat. Yum.