January 11th, 2002


Nothing Interesting Today... move along... move along...

Okay, it's Friday. I was in a funk yesterday. We had Chinese food for dinner. Jet was up for three hours last night with gas. I suspect the chunks of grilled cheese sandwich he had for lunch, yesterday, but I'll suspend judgment until I see if he sleeps well without.

Uhm. That's about it. The snow's melting. My mind's melting under some work pressures. Today was a plant closure day, but I'm working so that I can go to La Jolla in a couple weeks. My teeth still ache. My body still aches from the water aerobics, but I'll probably be fine by Wednesday. I'm glad I'm not going to burn out on it.

The only plan for the weekend is, as usual, to stock up on food, do errands, make the house safer for Jet, try to update my usual journal and... uhm... that's about it. I *might* try and make personal Beef Wellingtons if I can find pate fois gras and invite two others over to just make it worth the work. I decided, long ago, that if I were going to diet, I would have one meal a week where I could just blow it sky high. It would be something I would look forward to, would have to be something tremendously satisfying, and then it would last me the next week.