January 18th, 2002



Jet only got up once last night. We're starting to figure out that he has a sleep cycle of something like 11 or 12 days, where he'll gradually build up sleep debt over several days by not sleeping well at night or during the day, and then when it's past a certain point, he'll suddenly start napping a lot and sleeping a lot at night and not getting up much. It's actually nice to be able to start predicting some of his sleep habits.

Last night, he only got up once at 3 am, to drink, and then stayed asleep until about 7:30! And he had napped like crazy yesterday. I got nearly seven hours of work in. I was pretty amazed. It made up for earlier in the week.

A Swanky Frank's Jr opened in Erie recently, and they're desperately juggling to figure out how much food they need and what kind of help they can get. Last night they ran out of vegetables, salad, french fries, and onion rings. So we had a fairly interesting dinner. They're basically an old-fashioned diner with real milk shakes, Vernor's ginger ale, and a dozen kinds of hot dogs. Simple and good at what they do. We also found out last night that the waitresses are the cash registers, i.e. they bring change, they take all the money from the customer, and at the end of the night, they pay the kitchen for all the food they sold. So they get all their own tips and have some incentive to wait on customers well.

I didn't know it, before, but tips stands for 'to insure proper service'! Interesting how that came about. I just always assumed it was just the way it was...