January 21st, 2002


Head Banging

Just feeling like I'm banging my head on some wall. Work is just frustrating me at the moment, and I'll feel better eventually.

The toothguard has just a little bit too much material between the two newly filled molars. It didn't bother me so long as I didn't really grind, and Saturday morning I woke up with a really sore jaw, a headache, and being really, really glad that it was a weekend. Work stress translated directly to a physical reality. Whee...

So I have an appointment tomorrow, before my San Diego trip, to get the guard fixed. I'll need it.

We had two great adventures on Sunday. We went to the National Stock Show in Denver, and it was like a professional state fair, with the quality of everything just that much higher. There were all kinds of booths there as well selling everything from stock equipment to silk dresses, from Whack-o-Matic food thingys to art stamps, from real art to fire fighting equipment. It was pretty amazing. We also got to see the huge cattle (all the black cattle kept John and I saying, "Look! He looks like Fezzik did!"), horses (an enormous draft horse in a tiny box stall who was white with pale grey markings that were almost purple was my favorite, his hoof was bigger than Jet, and his neck and head were larger than me!), sheep, pigs, chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc. etc. etc.

Jet peered mildly at most of it, which gives me some hope for the zoo in San Diego. He was interested, but not 'I want to touch that *NOW*', which was very good.

We also joined Mei and Bob and Ryan and Francis and Jonathan (Ryan and Francis' four-year-old son) at Ocean City Restaurant in Denver and had Chinese seafood and it was probably the best seafood and best Chinese food we've had here since we moved here. Salt prawn! Chitinous! Steamed fish, scallion and ginger crabs, black bean clams, and all kinds of wonderful stuff that was really, really good. Yum. Happy.