February 2nd, 2002


Happy Birthday to Jet

I still can't believe it's been a year since John drove me to the Boulder Community hospital. It just seems mildly surreal, like time just jumped forward.

We had a small party today, just the Goodells and the O'Neils. Debbie and Matt threw us the baby shower, along with Jenny and Colin, and Matt had a great time holding Jet while he and Debbie were getting married this last summer.

We had cake, ice cream, and punch and presents and Jet loved the presents but dove, fists first, into his piece of cake after eating off the tiny Mickey Mouse candies off it one by one. He was extraordinarily neat for a one-year-old, only getting icing and cake all around his mouth and only on his hands. The big plastic bib helped a lot with that, but he wasn't smearing it or throwing it everywhere. The metal plane with Mickey Mouse in it fascinates him now with its working tires.

He got a black teddy bear with a blue satin super bear costume from the O'Neils, a set of three plastic fire trucks from Alex, a sorting box from Haley, and a rolling chimer from Ray and Joan. He also got an outfit from Uncle Cathie and a set of thick paged animal books from Aunt Walt. He got a little plastic bathtub plane and a small rubber ball with Bob the Builder on it from us. He enjoyed each thing when it came out of the wrapping and went onto the next. He now plays with the chime roller a lot and occasionally tackles the rubber ball.

I have, today, occasionally just stopped and marveled at the passage of time and how *quickly* Jet's grown.
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