February 8th, 2002


Discontinuity, Growth, Sickness, Food, and Signs

Filling in some data, so the last couple of days' entries make more sense.

Jet's actually had a fever since he got his shots on Monday, when he was at the doctor's. We dosed him regularly with Motrin yesterday and last night and he did better than he has for a bit. This morning, he's stayed cool, so he's likely over whatever it was.

The last couple of days, he's eaten very little before he'd indicated that he was done. Amusingly enough, he's only gained less than a pound in the three months since his nine month checkup. This after a few months near the beginning when he was gaining a pound a week at some points. So he's still small, on the average, 10th percentile in weight, 15th percentile in height, and 75th percentile in head circumference. But he is over 20 pounds, so he can face forward in his car seat, now, without any guilt or second guessing from me.

It still amazes me, with all the weight loss adults are trying to do that babies double their weight so quickly... Jet's now more than triple his birth weight and has a whole lot of growing still to do. Still, we're trying to make sure he keeps his sense of when he's full and when he's finished with food and not force him into portions. Just some early training to keep him aware of when he's full.

Joan was feeling badly, yesterday, still, so she couldn't take Jet yesterday, which is why John tried to stay home and help me out with him. She is, however, feeling much better today, and is taking Jet for four hours rather than the usual two. Yay! We can catch up!

So I didn't do water aerobics last night or Wednesday night, I just wasn't feeling well enough to do it and didn't have the external motivation. It's *warm* today, though, in the mid to high 50's outside and sunny, so Jet and I might go for a walk after the four hours of actual work I get to do this morning. That should help me. I need some impact exercise as well as the low/no impact exercise to help keep my bones solid. Soccer used to be so good for that, the stress was actually laying my bones thicker, and Asian women have a real problem with bone loss, as we seem to start out with thinner bones.

I am, however, feeling the lack of exercise. I'm being far more slug-like than I like.

I am proud of myself for having managed to install my old American Sign Language dictionary on my Win 2000 machine. It's really funny because I have to reduce the screen to 480x640 and make it only do 256 colors before the program will even run correctly. But it runs like a champ. We're learning some signs to show Jet, so that he can communicate some simple discomforts to us since he can't talk yet. Stuff like 'eat', 'drink', 'change', 'tired', and 'up'. He is starting to look at us when we talk to him, and when we read him books, he peers at some of the pictures and listens hard. So he seems ready to figure out that words mean things.

Of course, as strongheaded as he is, there are certain things he's already decided mean something, like when we're feeding him, and he starts clapping, he seems to assume that that means he's done, forget what the ASL sign is supposed to be. So we'll probably just take that as his sign of being done, and that'll be that. The same for the universal baby sign of both arms straight up for 'up'/'hold me'/'pick me up'. I figure if he can wave 'bye-bye' he can do the other signs, too, and it'll be far better than getting bitten when he's frustrated by us 'not getting it'. So it'll be a mix of made-up signs and ASL when it makes sense to him.
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Okay. I just died laughing because I left up the test text of 'username'. John peered at me curiously.

I find this very amusing, since my whole color scheme is blue anyway...
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After a gorgeous morning and afternoon the winds are now howling, whistling, screaming around the corners of our house, thumping on the walls and banging on the windows. It's so loud, someone who called me could hear it over the phone. I can feel the impacts of the wind against the house through the flooring.

Wow. Reminds me, forcibly, that we're just on the western edge of Tornado Alley.