February 11th, 2002


Sad, Sick Baby

Poor Jet. He had the high fever from the day after his inoculations until Friday, and then Friday night, the high winds started up and since then he's had real difficulties with a stuffed nose. Sunday he had gut problems and then last night, during his bath, we saw the start of some rash all over his body and this morning, he's definitely got rash *all* over his body, front and back and even up to his ears.

Jet's never had a whole week of not being able to sleep soundly, before, and he's cranky, irritable, and frustrated. He'll start crying, now, when he simply can't breath through his nose. My nose is bloody and unhappy, even with the individual humidifiers we have in our bedrooms. I kind of wonder if it's all the dust in the air from the wind storms, getting the nose to be runny and the dryness plugging it up.

Anyway... it's been a pretty rough weekend, and when Jet got up every single hour last night, we finally made a doctor's appointment this morning and he'll get a thorough going over. He no longer has a fever, so I think he's getting over whatever it is, but he may have gotten hit by something else. Or several something else's.

Wish us luck at the doctor's.


So it turns out that Jet's rash is actually from the tail end of roseola. Looks like he got it either in or on the way to or from San Diego. The symptoms are mostly high fever, the mild diarrhea, heavy eyelids, light sleep, stuffed nose, and when he's all better, the rash comes and goes in 24 hours. So we've actually gotten through the worst of it, though we couldn't know, as a lot of things break out in a rash when a problem's beginning.

Kathryn had a good call, in that often an anti-biotic allergic reaction has a rash and the congestion, but we hadn't given him any. I'm just glad to know that it's not a food allergy that is this virulent.

Much happier baby

So, after the visit to the doctors, some saline nose drops, several nursings, and over three hours' worth of naps, we have a completely different child. He's happy, plays well with others, claps, jumps, and staggers about after his walk, laughing at everything again.


Sleep, food, and not being ill are wonderful personality modifiers.