February 21st, 2002



You'd think that finishing things would be *easy*. Especially after months and months and months of a whole lot of effort and time and stuff, and I've been working on so many different things that all have been coming to a head for nearly the last month, and nearly none of them are *done*, yet.

I would have thought finishing things up would be easier than this...
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Jet likes reheated cassoulet. He especially likes the parsnips, but he'll shove his hand into a warm bowl of the stuff and eat the beans/onions strips/garlic/bread crumbs/thyme/garlic/sausage crumbs/duck slivers/carrot chunks /parsley/tomato that sticks. He'll casually pick up a cracker on the side, too and eat it.

I wish I ate with that kind of sheer gusto.

Just kinda *wow*.

Mmmm... color printer...

Just had fun for the last hour playing with my new Epson C80, printing pictures, envelopes, and playing with it just to see what I can do with it. I have a huge collection of fonts I've bought over the Internet the last few years, and I just like playing with them and making cool looking, simple things. It's just really fun.

Mmm... techno-fiddling... Rosty really knows how to buy a girl a nice Valentine's present. Hee.
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