February 25th, 2002


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Dinner Friday night was very good. I had a big chunk of mahi mahi with a really potent chipotle sauce on it that made me sweat but didn't quite make me cry. Dan had the Poncho Villa cheese-stuffed steak with a tequila sauce and bacon and slabs of deep fried potatoes with it. Bonnie got tamales and John got chile rellenos that made *him* cry. Woo.

Talking and walking with them was very therapeutic.

Jet had a blast with three big kids to chase around, though he was so tired when he was done that he just cried and cried until he got to nurse and go to sleep. Poor kid.

We also had a fresh rainbow trout last night. I actually de-boned it, seasoned it, floured it gently and then pan fried it. I had the oven 'fried' Jojos as well as a Caesar salad and plenty of nuked chopped broccoli. Yum.

The weather is nuts. It was 76 on Saturday, today it's 26 and snowing. Whee...

Alex got his first stripe today...

We went and saw Alex go through is first karate test. It was pretty impressive what they don't expect four-seven year olds to do. It was also pretty cool what they did expect them to do and what they could do. Alex was pretty proud and happy when he got the first yellow stripe on his white belt. Yay!

Jet wandered around the dojo area while they were doing the testing, getting into everything, playing with Haley now and again, eating crackers and generally having a good time. After the test he got five minutes to play with Alex and they had a great time together. Jet was laughing like crazy and trying to chase Alex.

That was pretty cool.