February 27th, 2002


Hair Cuts

We all got hair cuts last night, and I was very, very impressed at how Jet did, not just for his hair cut, but for withstanding a pretty long evening.

Our appointments were at 6, but Linda was running late, so she didn't even start on John until 6:30, and then she did me from 6:45 to nearly 7:15. Luckily, her 7 appointment canceled on her, and the 7:30 appointment arrived to find Jet in my lap getting his hair cut!!

Jet had eaten off me at the start, but he played, crawled around, drank water from a bottle, and generally was great. By his appointment time, though, he was pretty tired, so he wouldn't sit on the seat himself, but he would sit mostly still in my lap. He still doesn't know about sitting *still* when people have scissors around him, but that was okay as Linda knew what to do around him. She gave him a neat little boy's hair cut, and he looks so totally different!!

At dinner last night, both John and I were just staring at him for most of the time, as he just looks entirely different. I think he looks more like John, now, with the cut. He acts entirely the same, but I don't think anyone is going to be calling him, "Oh, what a cute little girl!" anymore.

I now have a Dorothy Hamil cut, as Linda was watching the Olympics, too. John got his usual #1 buzz along the sides, and a #2 on top. Whew it's colder outside, now. The weather's still *cold* and more snow tonight. That should be pretty and we certainly need the precipitation.

We're starting the review process here, and I'm kind of apprehensive, mostly because with this new job, I've just been really unsure if I'm doing anything right. I think I am, though, and I get to get the first shots off with a self-evaluation. We'll see how it goes.
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Entropy in Action

Babies are entropy in action.

Jet loves nothing better than to mess up anything that's in order. This is most active when the items in order are blocks of various or any type.

Right at this moment, he's pulling all the envelopes out of a box of envelopes and spreading them all over the office. What fun! *grin* At least it's not all the printer paper.