February 28th, 2002


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That's funny... I took the Women in Greek Myth test thingy and got Athena and in the background, I got Hesta and Gaia! I don't know why multiple windows popped up, but it is kind of funny.

Work, work, work. I'm burning out and there's only a little bit to go, but it seems so huge. Bah.

I am also buying spices for two different wedding gifts and for home. I love Penzey's. They are really cool, and I can do the do-it-yourself gift crate that just has room for lots of little glass jars and then I can buy all the little glass jars myself and mix and match my own set of spices and herbs. It's pretty fun trying to match the personality with the flavors. Of course, one couple is ovo-lacto vegetarian, plus they *do* eat fish so they're not really vegetarian, so it's a little more interesting figuring out what they can use.

It's funny how after being exposed to Jamie, who is a strict vegan, that I sometimes thing of ovo-lacto veggies as 'not really veggie' and the ones that do fish and chicken as just Right Out. Weird brain.

I dreamed last night, vividly, and I've now forgotten it, but I remembered it when I woke up and had to take care of Jet, so I couldn't write it down. I did dream later of Genista's pancakes, though, so I might make some for lunch, but change the recipe again, to have some whole wheat in them.


There's supposed to be somewhere between three inches to a foot of snow falling tonight!! eek.

John is wishing and hoping that it'll be a foot.

Right now it's brilliantly sunny out and so bright I can play my solar powered radio, no problem. That's pretty cool.