March 4th, 2002



Oh, yeah. I had an exciting time this morning getting the Passat out of the garage and onto the road through nearly a foot of snow.

Someone, last night, slid off the road and plowed into our mailbox and fence. Someone else was nice enough to at least prop our mailbox up against our newspaper box. There was a note in it from the guy that took things out, he'll probably be by Wednesday to fix it all.

The world is *white* and will probably remain so for another day or two. It was snowing all of Friday and part of Saturday and it was -16 Friday night and -12 Saturday night, while we were dealing with poor Jet's digestive tract. I am mildly sick with cabin fever, but we had to send the Passat into Boulder today to get its door fixed. So I, at least, got *out* *side*. Woohoo!!

It's supposed to be in the 40's today, 50's tomorrow and even sixties later this week. Quick change Colorado. The trees *so* need the water, I'm glad.

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Well, I'm probably doomed in the long run as John came down with fever, chills and bad stuff today. He slept a lot of the day but got me a two hour nap, which I needed very badly. He seems to be doing mildly better, but we'll see.

Jet's cautiously better, today. He still won't eat anything solid, but that's okay, and he has stopped throwing up and for all of the afternoon hasn't had any terrible things happening at the other end, either. So he's definitely on the mend. He wouldn't nap today, other than in John's arms, but he's fallen asleep quite nicely at bed time. Joan says she'll take him tomorrow, especially if I'm feeling badly.

I took advantage of the fact that I was still feeling okay, and had potstickers for dinner and bananas fried in a bit of butter with a bunch of brown sugar, pecans, and rum on ice cream for dessert. I feel pretty okay at the moment, and I think I'll let the virus take care of itself, one way or another, I'll take a page out of Jet's book and be happy while I feel well.
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