March 21st, 2002


(no subject)

Just kind of drained and empty, today. The review didn't really happen today, it's been pushed to next Thursday as everyone that was supposed to have reviewed the materials hadn't. Well, not everyone, but enough to make it moot, so it'll be next Thursday and maybe I can correct the problem I was seeing with the generated materials.

Also decided that a permanent LiveJournal account wasn't a good idea. I know that in the next few years my entire life situation is going to change again, sometime, and I also know that it's not likely that I'll be using this as the social outlet that I do today. So it makes it even less likely that I'll stick with this, whereas my normal journal I've stuck with for five years, and I'll stay with it now that I am sure that I can. My original two year outlay was good at the time I did it as I had the money and I wanted to support this idea, then. So that was good.

John's chasing a bug.

Jet's finally asleep. He had only one half hour nap today so was grumpy and cranky and clingy this afternoon and evening. So I'm exhausted for that reason, too.

I think a bath is in order.