March 29th, 2002



John's Mom and Dad are here. They're having a great time playing with Jet. I think Jet remembers them, as he went to them happily last night when they arrived. Then again, he does go pretty happily with people he doesn't know, but usually only if I'm not around, and I was right there last night, so he did great. I'm very glad for a baby that isn't afraid of other people and/or doesn't want just me. He did do the 'must have a Mama dose' every once in a while, and I gave him as much as he wanted of me; but he did go willingly to play with them a lot.

I want my turkey wing!! I ordered it ten days ago and I'm getting antsy about not having it, yet. Hmph.

Perl is sweet...

Just automated a bunch of text munging I've been doing for the last five years for my normal journal. I thought it was going to take me days, but with perl, while learning it, it took me just two hours. Hee. Regular expressions are *good*.