April 21st, 2002


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Jet walks with his hips more than with his knees, so he looks like he's swaggering as he staggers down the sidewalk. He's still so tiny that when we come to steps, two of them or three of them are about as tall as he is, but he's totally undaunted and sets about climbing up them with gusto. He now goes down stairs at a tremendous rate, on his stomach, he half slides, slithers, and slows himself down just a bit with his hands and feet. He runs about amid giants and grabs the legs of whomever he wants to pick him up if he wants to be eye-to-eye.

It always astonishes me how brave he is. He just tries things. He falls down and he tries them again and laughs and claps whenever he succeeds and if he fails he just tries it again.

It still amazes me how happy a little boy he is. It's cool, too.