April 22nd, 2002


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A deadline tomorrow. John's parents left this morning. I am sad, mildly. But it's a good deadline, and I'm hitting it pretty well.

Jet's in a great mood. He played at Joan's, napped, and then played with me and we went out walking outside. He had no concept as to why I wouldn't let him walk on the street, so he yelled and kicked and bucked while I walked on the busy parts with him in my arms and then we explored, maybe, ten yards of cul de sac road. Quiet of traffic, but there was lots of dandelions, grass, gravel, and other stuff for Jet to explore. He was especially fascinated by our shadows. That was fun.

Tomorrow, the New Facility.

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Suit on Me!

I couldn't get it small enough to be an icon and still be lookable. This is also a bit too small to bring out the pinstriping nicely. I was also a doofus and wore a dark purple, silk shirt, so the purple and silver tie just fades into it. I should probably wear a gray or even white shirt instead. The braces would stand out better, too. The silver chain does, indeed, have a silver pocket watch on the pocket end. *grin* I did get that right.
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