April 25th, 2002


Ten Years

I was surprised, this afternoon, by an envelope in the mail. It had my name on it, was cream and heavy and when I opened it, it said, "Congratulations on your ten year anniversary at Xilinx!"

No, I haven't actually been at Xilinx for ten years. But Minc, when it bought our group out of Data I/O, kept our seniority, and then Xilinx honored our years at Minc, so even though it was three jobs, it's one anniversary.

John, when he got home and was looking through the mail, yelled up the stairs to me, "It's no FAIR! They let you have *luggage*! I didn't get luggage!!" The prizes when his fifteen year (John's never changed jobs since he got out of college) anniversary rolled by were nearly all jewelry, art, and brass show pieces or leather briefcases. I get to choose a three piece luggage set with rollers on the two bigger pieces, with personalization. Whooee! Since we started travelling with Jet, bigger luggage with wheels were on our longer time wish list. Now we don't have to shell out for them. Yay!

What I'm probably going to value more, however, are the one bonus week of vacation for the anniversary and the fact that I'm now going to get to accrue vacation at something amazing like four weeks a year.
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