May 30th, 2002


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Before Jet, I always had this feeling that kids misbehaved all the time. From talking with countless parents of small kids, it seemed that it was just what they do, scream, cry, run around all the time in order to drive their parents crazy unless the parents beat it into them or screamed at them enough times that they shouldn't *do* that. That kids are undisciplined savages that Have To Be Taught What To Do. Or some weird shit like that...

My education by Jet has been most amazing...

Jet does the coolest things. Like last night, John was vacuuming up the big moths with our little Dust Buster, and Jet got the idea of what John was doing, so he got all excited and started pointing out all the moths that John had missed with lots of big arm pointing motions and talking the whole time to tell John where the moths were. He just understood the thing John was trying to do and did the best he could to help John out and watch the moths disappear into the hwwwoooooing thing.

Jet sits next to me on the couch and is obviously happy and proud and content to simply be up on the couch next to me when he is kind of tired from playing a lot.

He eats with a fork and a spoon, not because we forced it on him, at all. Instead, he demands a fork or a spoon when he has food and does his intent best to eat with them himself. Perhaps because it's what we do, perhaps it's because the process intrigues him, or something. I don't know why.

There are countless things he does, like that, which are all things that make life just really easy to be with him. Now I really get how positive discipline could work out really, really well in the long term.

I think a lot of it is that some parents seem to think that kids scream or cry or whatever 'in order to drive the parents crazy', and from what I've seen of Jet, he usually has his own reason for expressing himself, and if I fix it or acknowledge it he is much happier and he doesn't do much of that when an easier expression will do. It was something I never really connected to, before, as I'm far more inclined to think that something I did caused a situation. With Jet it's very clear that it's not *me*, per se, it's usually just something from his point of view.
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Goodness... it's now 97 outside and 81 inside, downstairs. The office is a sauna. Jet and I were in muscle shirts today, and he got slathered in sunblock as he went to Joan's in the Stoat with John. I think the basement is really the only feasible place for existance.