May 31st, 2002


Joan's Off on Vacation

Joan's leaving for three weeks, with Haley and Alex, to visit with her parents for the time and take some time out to go to Seattle and stuff. So Jet gets to stay with us for three weeks and since he has obliging grandparents and wimpy parents, we're having my parents over for a week and then John's Mom here for two weeks, so we'll have grandparent coverage for Jet's amusement for the entire time. It's not the same as having two other kids to play with but it should still be fun. *grin*

It's still hot today. Probably hotter than yesterday, even, and we'll probably break out the AC in the latter hours of the afternoon. For the moment, the ceiling fans are plenty.

Jet has now had a week of only getting up one or two times a night, so the good sleeping has stuck, and he might get even better sleep once his nose clears up and it's not so darned hot at night. Yay!! Yay!! Yay!! He's found that there are regions of his futon he likes better or dislikes more, depending on his mood. There's the slope of the blanket/sheet pile, there's the pillow jumble, there are the flat planes between, and there's the three teddy bears, one smaller than him that Carla and Limarick gave him and old John Jacques Kujo, my bear of a few decades, who is about as big as Jet, and the bear Joan gave him which is nearly my size and nearly a Jet-mattress unto himself. We found him one morning draped over Joan's bear. Hee.

My work is slacking off. Whew. Release time, recharge time. Folks running off for six to eight weeks of vacation time. Whew.

I printed pictures for Joan before she left, she wanted some with Jet and her bear. I also printed a five by three block of photos for myself and for my high school friend, Sharon, as she'd asked for some pictures, and it was easier that way. Sometimes printing my own high definition color pictures feels like printing money, somehow it seems to be cheating to be printing my own. It's odd, but I'll get over it, I'm sur
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World Cup!!

The World Cup started this morning.

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In the midst of the Avalanche just finishing off the Western Finals, the World Cup in S. Korea and Japan is starting. Wow. I am a happy sports couch camper.

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