June 6th, 2002


Catching up...

I'm finally getting more frequent with my updates of regular journal and that's satisfying.

The visit with my parents is still going quite well, though I can really hear when Jet gets frustrated with them for some reason. The very cool thing is that they aren't getting frustrated back at him, they just keep trying to figure out what he means. That's been very good. They shouldn't get it right all the time as we still don't, and they haven't been living with him as long as we have. They are having a great time, though, and really enjoyed swimming with him last night.

Jet just got right into the pool and had a blast from the start. That was very cool.

Work is... bugging me mildly. It's the downtime so I don't have as clear a set of goals for this point in time as I usually do, and it's bugging me mildly. I'm a very goal-oriented sort of person, kind of a heat-seeking missile type, that if someone points me at something I go at it rabidly, and right now I'm a bit in limbo. Ah well, it'll get busy again soon enough.

(no subject)

Okay, this stortrooper amuses me and satisfies me inordinately. The construction site is very keen. But it takes a lot of work to deform, even more, a super deformed little icon to fit the 100 pixel height limit. I think it's still okay, but yeesh.

And, yes, the baby looks nothing like the running about Jet. Come to think of it, the proprotions he has are nearly those of the storTroopers.
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