June 24th, 2002


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Today's the first day I've had alone with Jet for three weeks.

It's very nice.

He had a great time at the Goodell's this morning, I think, and came home cheerful and very tired, and he went right down for his nap. No problem. I am getting work done, the painters are finishing off the house, and it's hot again.

Ever since the Solstice it's been in the 90's here. I'm sticky with it and tired of the heat, but there isn't really going to be much abatement. Until, of course, it starts to freeze again.

Jet's been really cranky, clingy and sad since Isabel left. He seems much happier now that he's gotten to see Haley again.

A guy from the U.K has a book about/of? crossword puzzles and wants to use this picture for the cover of his book! That amuses me greatly.

The weekend was sweaty. We did find a Cost Plus here, though, and took full advantage of it, even buying a new cedar table for our porch. Friday the awning man came and put up the awning outside the back porch, and it makes it a far more bearable place in the mornings. It also helps stop some of the sunlight from getting into the house.

The Miller moths are *still* in the house. It's been two months, when the infestation is usually only for a month. All reports of it being bad this year were true. Ugh.