August 22nd, 2002


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I'm finally getting my computers on-line radio to work and the music detect system in the client software for this doesn't do the detect correctly. Blah. So I get to fill thing in for myself.

I've always wanted some exposure to the blues, and this seems a good way, basically a radio station that does the selection for me and then I get to figure out what it is that I like when I hear it. Yay! So far, I'm enjoying the Moontaxi format, there don't seem to be ads and there's ID for all the music that goes by so I know what I'm listening to, most of the traditional radio rebroadcasts don't seem to be doing that.
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    Muddy Waters - I Just Want To Make Love To You


Yesterday morning, John and Bob get an email from Dave that says, "I have a business trip to Longmont on Thursday. I fly in Wednesday night, and fly out again Thursday night. Can I come to Rostyville and have a couple beers with you two?"

John writes back, "You mean tonight??"

No answer. So the three of us assume it was last night and, sure enough, we get a call at 9 pm. Jet had a late nap, so he's still up anyway, so Dave comes by and Bob makes it just a little earlier than Dave. And we have a blast just sitting around, drinking beers and root beer for Jet and I and talking and laughing. It was good.

We gotta do more social things, I think. Jet had fun and went softly to sleep, without a struggle, at 11, when the guys went out into the garage to talk about project cars. Hee. That was good.
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    Ain't Nobody's Business -- Jimmy Whitherspoon