September 4th, 2002


Mmm... Fall Colds...

So I guess the season is changing, though it's still in the nineties in the heat of the day, I'll thank God that it's just the low nineties. There's also been the occasional thunderstorm, and last night we had a good one that soaked the yard for a while. I'm glad of any rain, now, though they say that September is, traditionally, the driest month of the year, here, when August is the wettest. I'm hoping that the late cooling off will keep it wet for a while, yet. We'll see.

Jet came down with the cold yesterday, and I came down with it last night, so I think we must have gotten exposed at the same time. I'm pretty sure he didn't give it to me for me to be showing symptoms so quickly after he did.

Poor little guy had one really uncomfortable time yesterday, where he was just crying for a good half hour, and John was holding him and sad about the fact that Jet's long eyelashes were so saturated with tears that they'd clumped together. Odd the things one notices. John's also given him Dimatapp and Tylenol and when they finally kicked in Jet was far more cheerful. The Baby Mozart tape also seemed to help calm him down and catch his interest in things other than how much his nose and throat were bothering him.

He went through most of the afternoon and evening vaguely cheerful, playing quietly with stuff, and getting hugged a lot by both John and I. Man, this part-time, telecommuting work thing is just the cat's pajamas.

I took Jet out with me to get pizza from Mug-n-Pye, and he was happy to go in with me and explore a bit before running over and grabbing my legs to be lifted up. Then he surveyed all the people in the restaurant, and watched the pizza makers with interest. There were three teenage boys sitting at the tables, waiting for someone that was working the evening shift and they were just dissing everyone they saw until they saw Jet.

It was the funniest thing. These snide, bored young men all started cooing at Jet and trying to get him to grin at them. They were really happy when they found out he'd happily return high-5's. It was so cool. The minute Jet turned away, back to me, they were ranking on each other and on one of the delivery guys.

When we finally got the pizza into the car, Jet started clawing at the box going, "Mine! Mine! Mine!" I pulled a good chunk of crust off one piece for him and he munched it all the way until the last mile home. Then he started clawing at his seat straps and trying to get at the box. So when we finally got into the house, he dove, head first, into a slice and ate the whole thing. Yow. And this was a slice with black olives, green peppers, spicy sausage, pepperoni, and onions on it.

I guess this is the type of cold you feed.
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