November 4th, 2002



It feels so good to be in the sunshine again. The snow is dripping away, big icicles for Jet to grab and smash on the porch. The roads are mud. The yard is mud. The driveway is mud.

It's like spring, but small, and the mountains are shrouded, now, in white. Beautiful.

So odd to have the house to ourselves again. The weekend with just the three of us. We explored. We shopped. We did errands, church, and found okay delivery/take-out Chinese food. I bought a handful of Moleskines at Barnes and Noble for cheaper than on-line prices and was very glad of it. It'll be nice to have an engineering notebook that'll fit in my bag instead of having to carry it and my hard drive to work and back.

Jet's asleep. Back to his old schedule, but not quite. Barely not quite. He was up three times last night, but two of them were either the hour-later follow on to going down where he hadn't really finished nursing, yet, or John passing him off to me when he would NOT be comforted by John. Odd switch from the nights when he only wanted John. But so it is. So he could have been up only once last night, and with the later first nap he might last until his usual bed time and, maybe, sleep later without three hours total of naps during the day.

Mmm... three hours of nap during the day... but work is back in full swing, and I have a grocery list the length of my arm along with the milk that Jet really wants more often than he used to want. So we need to do that, too.

Ordinary days are so wonderful
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