November 5th, 2002


Strange Eating Habits of a Jet

He spit out a chocolate drop, a marshmallow, caramel, and has refused cookies, macaroni and cheese, and, last night, he wouldn't even touch the pizza.

Jet does, however, eat and drink pink grapefruit, tons of ramen, V8, giant globe grapes, peeled corn dogs, peeled chicken nugget, and cookies and cream protein bars.

I have a very strange toddler.

Garden slug

Jet took a small... uhm... walk... through the yard today.

His shoes were gooey wrecks. His socks are slimy. His pants covered in mud. His coat was streaked with it where he'd wiped his hands and then sat in the mud to get closer.

Wow. Happy boy, though.

He then, when stripped of his mud walking gear, came inside and grabbed his Magnum flashlight, turned it on and started peering under the couch.

I'm not quite sure what he's looking for.