November 14th, 2002


My brain hurts...

Just tired, I think. Jet's been having crappy nights again, though, during the day, he's the best boy ever. We chase each other around the kitchen, the dining room table, and he laughs like a loon . It's fun. We wrestle, watch TV together, play with his software games, eat on the floor like picnic for lunch, and stuff like that.

He's napping now, after a whole morning playing with other kids at a mall playground, indoors, warm, safe, and a small enough area that Joan can watch all three of the kids easily. They all had a blast, and it's always more fun for kids to play with other kids.

Though we do have fun together. It's cool.

Work's cool in some ways, and I'm stalled in others. I just have to kick my butt back into gear. Resting on laurels is always dangerous.

On an entirely different obsession branch, it's very, very nice being able to drink teas again. I've been gradually going through about twenty different sample packets from Upton, and they're very nice, indeed. The samples are good for three or four of my two-cup pots, and that's good for tasting them in different situations, with different brewing techniques.

I've been especially happy with the Buddha's Palm in my gung-fu setup, the Imperial Pi Lo Chun in just about any setup, and the whole British style blends sampler for morning wake-up calls or afternoon pick me ups in my Brown Chatsford two-cup teapot (which, of course, really makes one good mug of tea). I *really* have to get them to update their little blurb in their tea info on gong-fu tea. You do NOT fill the darned pot with dry leaves, you have to give them room to expand, or you have an ever-growing pile of leaves falling out of the pot. Yeesh.

Uhm. Well, anyway...

I did manage to go swimming last night. I ache again, today. I feel better, though, less dismal. Getting everything moving again was something of a chore, but I feel better for doing it.
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