November 21st, 2002


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It's been an interesting week so far. Jet has a small head cold. John and I have been dealing with it, but with the cold Jet's been sleeping better. More tired, I guess, which likely means that we'll have to work on night time habits or something.

Made an apple pie last night and over did the cloves a little. Makes the mouth a little numb when eating a big enough slice. It's still good with extra sharp cheddar and I threw in a big mug of chai as well. Might as well get my spice for the day.

Found a good, hot Thai place, yesterday. Yummy. We had five other people with us for lunch, so we ordered a five dishes and a soup, and the hot dishes were hot enough to make me cough and cry. The hot food folks in the party loved it. So we'll likely go there again. It's the Thai Kitchen, and it's tucked away in a tiny rat-like strip mall. It's nigh impossible to find, but I was very impressed to see it mostly full on a Wednesday lunch. I'm glad they're doing a good, brisk business.

Monday, John had a late meeting, so Jet and I had a good time. We went out in the afternoon for a walk and a swing and just as we were headed back, I heard the phone ringing. Oops. My meeting. So we missed my meeting in order to play in dried leaves, bask in the sunshine, and fill the bird feeder. I like the trade off. Ah well, there will always be meetings, but there won't always be a 21-month-old Jet to enjoy a brilliant, warm, fall day with.