January 3rd, 2003


Sleep at last, sleep at last...

... so after nearly a month of Jet getting up between four to six times a night with only three nights where he did less than four, John and I got very tired of it all and at Christmas time decided on three simple rules:
  1. Only watered down milk at night.
  2. One nursing a night, after 2 am.
  3. Jet goes to sleep by any means other than nursing

Three nights later, Jet was only getting up once or twice a night, and has continued that habit through the New Year and seems to be settling into the new routine quite handily. He's also eating a tremendous amount more during the day, so our unconscious thought that he might be relying on the calories he was getting at night seem to be playing through. He's eating more, sleeping more solidly, and still has the same energy, good humor, and curiosity. He does, however, have fun asking to nurse more during the day, which I don't discourage, yet. He's got so much to interest him, now, that I'm pretty sure that we can wean before he's two.

His vocabulary is exploding. Pretty much every day brings a few more words with attached phrases, sentences, and conversations. For not quite being two and a boy, he's doing pretty well.

He even told himself a joke the other day. We were in the car, and he was pointing out cows, clouds, and dogs. He was quiet for a while, and then frowned and said, "Uh oh! You drop ME!" I blinked at him, "I dropped you?" He grinned, "Yah!" and then he repeated it a few times while I just laughed. Then he frowned again, and then gave this huge grin and said, "Uh oh! ME drop ME!" and laughed and laughed.

Okay. No one else might find it funny, but he certainly did. He seems to be getting some of the fundamental concepts of words and wording, plus the idea of a word combination that seems absurd enough to laugh at, which, I'll admit, seems pretty cool to me. Word play has always been my favorite type of humor.
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