January 15th, 2003


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There are black clouds rolling in from the northeast. That's the direction where the Front Range actually gets some snow. John's looking forward to it. My ears, hands, and knee all ache from the drop in barometer pressure. I'm not looking forward to the cold.

But I did find my fingerless, wool gloves, and my hands are a bit happier with that.

I am also crazy and going to go swimming tonight, and possibly do the Rec Center thing with Jet again, tomorrow. I should also find a recipe for Play-Doh, as Jet seems to love it at the Rec Center's daycare, and it's a harmless thing for him to play with, on the most part. So long a he doesn't eat too much of it.

Also, a co-worker gave me some yogurt culture from India. It's astonishingly different than commercial, American cultures. It curds the milk solidly, and it does it in incredibly short amount of time, with relatively little heat. I'm pretty impressed. It also makes the yogurt mildly sweeter and tangier. I guess the lactose is broken into different pieces, and the acids given off by the bacteria are more lemon-like than simply sour. It's yummy stuff. Now I just have to keep it alive and put it in more milk every now and then. I guess I'll be eating more yogurt with my cereal in the morning, than milk. Not a terrible thing.