January 29th, 2003


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Jet had a stuffed nose last night and was up every hour after 1. Then he slept from 6-9am... but he is napping now, quite nicely.

The cool thing was that last night, Jet and I had an adventure together while John had a boys' night out kind of thing. Jet and I went to the local mall play area and he got down and dirty with a big crowd of kids until they got too big for my level of comfort (okay, Jet was getting jumped on, pushed over, and trompled). Luckily, that was an hour after we got there, so he and I went to Panda Express and had cheap food that was actually pretty good.

He ate a third of a bowl of fried rice and then proceeded to pick up chow mein with chopsticks, half a dozen noodles at a time. I was impressed by that, since he stole my chopsticks and then used them to, pretty much, eat what he wanted to eat.

I didn't get much sleep because we're gradually weaning during the day, after getting the night taken care of, and it's been kind of painful. So I'm tired on top of the dealing with Jet getting up unexpectedly at night.

I'm ambivalent about swimming tonight, but I'll probably go. I've gotten, finally, into the habit of going and doing *something* twice a week and actually feeling a lot better for doing it.