February 19th, 2003


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silkiemom was right. Jet and John survived quite well, in fact, Jet never 'freaked out' about Mom being gone, though, on the way to swimming one day, he said, "Mommommommamom." quite a bit, and John explained to him, in full detail where Mom had gone, how long she'd be gone, and that she'd be back.

I had a blast.

Many thanks to Carl and to flit for being such great hosts and being able to see them. I got to actually pet Moose, feed him a pig's ear, and then feed him way too many treats on the beach. Mmmm... curling waves of translucent green power... I loved seeing the ocean again, too.

The gaming at Dundracon was wonderful, as usual. I love that it's just a medium sized con, at a really friendly hotel, with lots of interesting people. I really enjoyed it a lot, and had a lot of fun playing in two Hero 5 games. Carl also ran two Feng Shui games that were a blast, lots of action, fun stuff to be done, and I got to play Buffy! Okay, I actually got to play Sarah the DragonSlayer, but close enough.


It was really fun to get away and just game. I also had a major manga accident, and bought the whole run of Lone Wolf and Cub. Daigoro is hauntingly like and also unlike Jet, enough so that I had to get the whole thing. Something about the development of 1-year-olds into 4-year-olds just hooked me. So the two lives dovetailed into the major accident, but I managed to save a little money by manhandling the box into checked luggage. I also got a bunch of dried fruit and raw nut for my homemade granola into the same box with a couple incongruous cans of chile and soup from Trader Joe's. They still make the best stuff I've ever had. Okay... it might have been gratuitous to also buy the 32 ounce jar of mayonnaise, but they make an all-natural, shelf stable mayo that's supposed to be really good (according to Cook's Illustrated), so I had to try it.

So all is well and it's good to be back home, and I'll admit that the time away has definitely made me a better and happier Mommommommommom... and the two dozen roses that I got when I arrived back didn't hurt, either. *grin* John had the amazing discovery that when one buys a dozen roses the Monday after Valentine's day that one can get a dozen free as well. I love that guy.
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