February 21st, 2003


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I've always known that life's unfair...

.. but one of the two-year-olds that Jet plays with, every week at church, died today. We don't know the circumstances, just got called by the lady that takes care of all the littlest ones, and were told that they were rushing him to the hospital, and he died in the ambulance.

John and I are crying a lot and hugging Jet a lot.
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More everyday stuff...

Jet and I made granola yesterday. He loved measuring out all the stuff into the big mixing bowl, and when I added the warm syrup, sugar, and a touch of honey and vanilla, I rolled his sleeves up and let him at it.

He was happily covered in sugar, oats, and nuts by the time he was done mixing, and cheerfully turned it all out onto a cookie sheet for me. I had to be fast enough to make sure it was all on the pan, and I got it into the oven before Jet started asking, "Wash? Wash?" Hee. I got him up on his step stool, and he carefully washed his hands and I got his arms clean. He'd done very well.

I figure that it's like when he was learning to walk. If I let him do whatever he can do in the kitchen, he'll get it much more than if I make him 'just watch' because I don't want to clean up the mess. Actually, when I got the DustBuster out, he asked for it and carefully vacuumed up all the loose oatmeal, too.

Jet also loved eating the toasted cashews when it all did come out of the oven. I'm very glad that Carl was able to get me to Trader Joe's while I was in the Bay Area, and I could stock up on nuts and dried fruit. When the mass was done, I stirred in raisins, dried cherries, peaches, apples, and dates, and they've gotten this wonderful chewy texture by losing some of their moisture to the crisp grain and nuts. I had it for breakfast, mmm...

Jet seems... I dunno. Bigger, faster, stronger, more verbal, and more coordinated than when I left for DunDraCon. I don't really know if it's 'cause he changed so much in four days or if it's just that I see him with eyes and a brain that got a break. This morning, when John and I went to pick him up, he and Haley were out playing in Joan's front yard. He was happily chasing Haley everywhere, and together, they half filled a decorative wishing well with dried leaves. I was impressed at how well he was running, and how infrequently he's tripping himself up even with the slope of the yard and all the grass, tufts, and uneven ground. Haley tripped about as many times as he did as they were both running all out.

Joan says I should take him to the Little Gym and let him do gymnastics. He's strong, light, and very coordinated for his age, so I may well do that and let him take advantage of his advantages, if he wants to play that way. He may well, as he liked standing on his head, he loves being upsidedown, and he takes every climb and possible balance beam as a challenge. He can jump and leap and tumbles easily all the time. Maybe it's something he'd like doing.
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