February 28th, 2003


(no subject)

So I did two somethings today that had scared me up until this point, mostly from imagined responses.

1. I told my boss that I really wasn't interested in coding anymore. After building seven systems from scratch, five of which have outlasted a decade (which is mildly unheard of for software), I have no desire to build a new system. Especially one where I can't get any direct customer feedback.

2. I talked with an uberboss within the company about a problem he has, and he came back to me with something that impressed me and intrigued me very much. AND then I talked with my boss about the fact that I'm just talking with this uberboss about the problems. They don't have a req and resources within the company are really tight and first priority goes to the new products, as it right, for the company to do well when the economy comes back on-line. So it's not like my boss has to worry too much to start, but I thought it more honest to tell her that I was talking with this other guy about a problem that resonated to my new abilities and desires for a job.

Many folks would have said I'm stupid for 'jeopardizing' my job, but that's an imagined response, not the reality. My boss, instead, said that she'd help as much as possible to make my present job more what I want it to be, keep me in the design loop but out of the coding loop, get me in on any customer feedback and input task teams there might be, and into the documentation of things. It's basically what my ex-boss is doing, at this point, so I don't see that there's too much of a problem.

I do understand now that there are several things that keep me unhappy with my present job. They're all good to know. It's scary to *say* them, but I feel better for doing it. Mostly so my boss knows and nothing blindsides her about all this. Also it leaves me morally free to talk with the other, uberboss about his problem and to see if there is a way for me to help him solve a deal of it.