March 17th, 2003


Whew. Everyone survived...

.. the week, that is.

Mom and Dad are actually really happy. Jet was a very content little guy. John, Dad and I didn't get in until 10:30, so we just all went to sleep and Dad stayed in the office for the one night, and Jet didn't get up at all.

In the morning, John and I slept as late as we could, given that we were still on Atlantic time, i.e. 3 hours 'early', and when I got up, showered, and went out to the livingroom and loomed over Jet while he was watching TV, he made a motion to push me away. So I went away. Then I heard this, "Hey!!" and Jet came zooming over to hug and hug and hug me and he's been clinging to me ever since, which has been nice.

I missed him. Lots. But I was glad not to have to chance him around the cruise ship.

They did good. Jet was actually sick with an intestinal bug while we were away, for most of the week. Worried the hell out of Mom and Dad and they took him to the doctor's and got a thorough examination, lots of explanations, and all the instructions they needed. So they were extra nice to Jet, and listened to him. From the stories they told us, for all of yesterday, they really love him and he liked being with them. So I'm happy with how it all worked out as they really got to interact with him day-in and day-out and really see him and listened to him as much as they could. That's good enough for me.

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Wow. It's *raining* here.

Of course, Mom and Dad had sunny and warm, even to the 70's! while they were here, and the day they leave it starts to rain. They were very grateful for that. I'm very grateful for the precipitation and the rumors that we're going to get up to a foot of snow in the coming week.

John's run out with Jet to get grass seed. We're probably going to go crazy, tonight, and get it into the ground while it's still thawed from the last week and wet enough to rake. Jet'll love the water adventure. We need to get it in before the water comes down, so that it can germinate and establish itself while it's still the wet season.

I have a cold. Deep lung coughs, but after sleeping all of yesterday while Mom and Dad took care of Jet for one last day, and getting about ten hours last night, I feel better today. Jet didn't like seeing me leave for anything, even my nap, but he's been a trooper today, after I dropped M&D off. He's played well, enjoyed being with me, ate half a waffled ham and cheese sandwich, and drank cream of tomato soup. I think he's getting around his picky eating stage. Whew.

It's good to be home.