March 18th, 2003


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Hmm... now they're predicting everything from 1-5 feet of snow.

Last night, just before the sun set, in the pouring rain, John, Jet and I laid down an acre's worth of prairie grass on the denuded lawn left bare by the contractors that did the xerascaping on the rest of the yard. They'd driven on it and dug bits of it up, and the only chance we had was last night, before the snows came down.

Jet was stomping around in the mud in his boots and getting his thick coat all muddy, but he had two layers on under that. I was layered up and spreading seed low, low, low, as the high wind was trying to take it all away from me. John raked until he couldn't anymore, and then I raked what I could into the muddy earth after he took Jet inside and they got warm by the fire after shedding all their wet stuff.

Thank Creation for Lush's Hot Java Bath Bomb.

Bush's War

Ah well. Every time I write something about all this it sounds too simplistic to me, but maybe it doesn't have to be complex when I just talk about how I feel about the whole thing. Collapse )

After all that, I'm supporting, to heck and back, the people that are going to have to go out and do this shit. There's a lady that organized, a while back, a way to get knit items to solders and sailors who need them. They'll take postage (they've gone through $40k worth already), socks, hats, and slippers, and since most of their clients are men on duty, bigger sizes and darker colors are appreciated, but making them individual is pretty cool. Send checks and items to:

Ellen Harpin
P.O. Box 564
Goldenrod, FL 32733-0564

If you want to know more details Lion Brand Yarns has more details, but their site has been swamped after last night's little declaration.

And, what the heck, I'll do the LJ trendy thing and say, "I wish for peace."

But if we're going to war, I'll also wish that the people going out and doing it all the luck and skill and technology to get it done fast, thorough, and complete. I don't want our folks getting hurt. I'll also wish the folks watching our shores, our cities, and our security luck and the bravery to look stupid when reporting something they think is wrong.