March 19th, 2003



There's now about a foot and a half of compact, concrete dense wet, wet snow that's drifting up to three feet, and down to bare earth in some spots just because of the wind. And it's STILL falling. My boots were *just* tall enough to keep my feet dry as I waded out into the yard to refill the bird feeder. Now there's a cloud of birds around it.


I'm still sick. It's in my nose and sinuses, now, instead of my lungs, thank goodness, but I've a hell of a sinus headache.

We haven't gone into work, but have worked from home in our usual fashion. So we don't get snow days, sadly.

What's really funny...

... is that some of the drifts are well over Jet's head.

We broke out his REI snow suit and he's having a blast. Hee. Some of the drifts are tall enough that if we can get him and a disk up to the top of the drift he's able to slide down them as if they're a tiny hill. He loves it.