March 27th, 2003


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Horizontal snow again. Cooooold, says Jet, but he was laughing as we went to the car and he had his eyes closed to keep the snow out of them while I carried him and his seat to the Eurovan.

Jet sings, now, and tells stories. I can usually recognize a song when he gets to "Falling Down, falling, falling down..." or ".. monkey bed!! No no no monkey bed!!" Hee. The stories, however, have still managed to by-pass any conscious language centers, he sounds a lot like Boo in Monsters Inc.

I get unhappier with each day, with my job. So it is. I am doing my Lenten thing and instead of just sitting on the unhappiness, I've actually talked with HR about it and about the new possibility. I need to talk, sometime, with the boss of the new possibility as well.

Lenten-wise, I've also jumped into the project that I really didn't want to do and have feared and hated for a while, and I'm laying about with a scheduling tool and chopping it up into little bits that have more possibility of actually getting done. That's surprising me, that the little pieces are doable.

John and I are both still pretty sick. Jet's getting up a little later, after going to sleep much later, but he's also napping longer in the afternoon, so it's a tradeoff.
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