April 7th, 2003


Original Blessing


Jet got to be part of our pastor's sermon on original blessing on Sunday, and it was really funny, afterwards, talking with all the other mothers of young kids. Jet did fantastic. He just marched right on up there, and when Michael asked him if he could pick him up, Jet just looked at him. And when Michael did pick him up, he just calmly looked out over the congregation as Michael's talking about seeing the Original Blessing in every child he's ever picked up and looked in the eye.

I'm glad Jet didn't kick him, start crying, or all the other things he has done to men that have tried to pick him up. Whew.

The other mothers were like, "The moment I heard Michael ask, "Can I pick you up?" I thought... well here we go..." *giggles*

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Of course...

... after having bought the newest version of Dragon Naturally Speaking, I find that BOTH my work and my home machine are too old and too slow to accommodate it. Yes. I have the slowest machine in the group, but then I 'only' write documentation... so it should be expected.

Still. They're looking at getting me a new, high-powered laptop that I can, at least, lug downstairs to work on stuff while Jet's playing in the livingroom. With all the new documentation they're piling on me, I really need the dictation software to work.


The fire alarm went off at the Longmont Rec. Center tonight. John and I were on the workout floor, we headed to the day care center, when there was an announcement that there was no fire and no need to go outside. That was a relief. The alarm, though, was blaring. Jet's been scared of the fire alarm in our house, much less something of this caliber, so we headed on in anyway.

When we got into the daycare area, it was aural relief. It wasn't nearly as loud in there. Finally, they managed to get the thing shut down, so we headed towards the changing rooms.

In each room was a strobe light, still flashing. In the hallway to the area there would still be occasional blasts of alarm that made me jump every time. While we were changing Jet, he started saying, "Cheese! Cheeeese! Cheese!" He was staring fixedly at the strobe.

It took us a minute but we finally realized he thought it was a photographic flash!! He was saying, "Cheese!" cause he thought his picture was being taken! Woohoo! When we asked him if that was so, he nodded, "Pictures! Cheese!!"
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