April 11th, 2003


I choose.

Given that next Sunday is the end of Lent...

... I told my boss that I would be moving on, today.

It was pretty hard to do. I like her. I conveyed that, I think, and that it is really through no fault of hers. It's easy for many people to disconnect the relationships from the job, but it's hard for me,

I think it's a job that I'm going to really get into and that I should be able to do well. It's a place to grow and it's a place where they work more the way I want to work. Besides, I promised to be brave for Lent. *grin*

My schedule is such that I'm going to change jobs after my month-long vacation in July, it seemed a natural break-off point and there are plenty of things for me to finish off here, first. Interesting things that should start some folks off on the right foot. It's something my present boss asked for, specifically, so I'm just going to do it to the best of my ability. It should be fun, too.

Thanks amberley for some behind the scenes encouragement as well as everyone that wrote. I appreciate it a lot