April 21st, 2003



Jet had two Easter Egg hunts. He was very happy to get the six eggs that he did in both hunts and eat an egg or two's worth of candy from each set and then go on playing with other things.

Happy boy.

He ate the ears off his Enstrom's dark chocolate bunny and put the rest back into the bag before asking for his hand to be washed.

Jet did great. I was very impressed with him. He had a great time walking with a pack of five-year-old boys to the park, running when they ran, and even jumping up and down when their dads told them to jump to slow them down a little so that all us adult types could catch up (yeah, I'm another mile closer on the Rivendell walk *grin*). And when he caught up with all of them at the park, he swung, climbed, balanced, and slid with the best of 'em. Best of all he didn't protest a ride back to the house on my shoulders as he was obviously getting tired and I wanted him to have *some* energy for the second hunt.

Best of all he started the morning with waffles and yogurt and ended with half a dozen corn dogs, a bit of apple, and a handful of grapes, even with the chocolate bunny sitting around to be seen. So Jet actually had *some* food. Yay!

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