April 22nd, 2003



... group potluck today. And I did my favorite spring treat. I just took two pounds of fresh, thin asparagus, washed and snapped them this morning, and poured a little canola on 'em in a sealable plastic container and took it to work. Fifteen minutes before the potluck, I fired up a grill outside and just cooked 'em for about ten minutes, until they were nicely caramelized and just starting to go limp.

The grilling seems to concentrate the flavors. Everyone just nabbed 'em, and the two pounds of asparagus was gone in a flash. Yay!! No leftovers to carry home!

Mmm... rain

Okay, I should admit it. It's been raining here. Every other day has been a wonderful day of rain, rain, rain. The soft, spring rain that soaks things through. It's wonderful. I've missed it so much, and, for at least the coming week, it looks like it's going to continue, and I'm really, really happy about it.

And I'll admit that I am enjoying the sunny days between as Jet and I get to run outside and play, play, play. Digging, gardening, weeding, swinging, and stuff. I even sawed broken limbs off the trees and patched them with sprayable tar. They needed it after the heavy snow storm in March.

The rain often has a little thunder and lightning with it, which is actually very pretty. (okay, so one lightning strike hit an oil pump in Weld and it was pretty spectacular, but it was also pretty quickly contained)

But the best thing is that all the grass seed that John and Jet and I frantically raked into the ground during the huge, two foot snow storm in March is now coming up. Thin, pale green blades of grass piercing the thick clay of our yard, especially in the huge bare patch that the landscaping guys' trucks left after they did the rockery last summer. It's beautiful to see. With the ground soft and wet I've even been able to run around and dig up dandelions with abandon. It's wonderful.

Every time it rains on Jet he looks up with wonder and says, "Water!" Hee.
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Another admission...


I will say it. I love doing weights. Hee.

John and I have been working on the weight machines twice a week, after doing an aerobic workout for twenty or thirty minutes, and the rhythm of it, the effort of it is just addicting.

It's like when I used to do two hours of physical therapy a night for my knee. There's something about doing the push through the pain and the accomplishment of meeting a goal that's just inexplicably gratifying in a deep sense. Some of it, I know, is meditative. Just working through the reps as a litany, a deep contact with the reality of my body and how it works. It's satisfying.

The Longmont Rec. center has a series of machines for just about every muscle group I never could identify before isolating them and working on each of them to their capacity. I mostly concentrate on the muscle groups that aren't touched by the elliptical or by walking. The rowing machine, however, lit up whole constellations. I was impressed by that.

Of course, after that, we get Jet from the two dollar kid care and we all go swimming. It's funny to *swim* to relax, but very cool, too. The play pool is kept at about 92 F, and it's really relaxing to just go there and float for a while as Jet's sliding, running around, and scaring the lifeguards.