May 1st, 2003


New phrase of the day...

... from Jet. "No yet!!" when he doesn't want to do something right now.

The scary thing is that he says it with *exactly* the same inflection that I say, "Not yet!" when he wants to do something Right Now that he can't at the moment, but can later.

Cool thing, and possibly too much information for non-parent types was that when John and Jet were outside, Jet was farting a lot, and John asked him if he was poopy and Jet said, "Poopy yet!" and, sure enough, he hadn't actually dirtied anything, yet. Ten minutes later, and he'd done the deed, so it looks like potty training is probably the next item on the list of Things to Learn and be independent of, since Jet can communicate the feeling, now. I'll be glad to be free of diapers.

Trundle trundle

Made appointments for my contact lens eye exam, a massage, a remaking of my teeth splint (i.e. nightguard), and my first annual checkup since Jet was born. Finally just got down and used the phone to do all that and keep going with the stuff that needs doing for life and living. I do note with some rue that all of those appointments are appointment to take care of myself.

I loved The Weekend Novelist, but every time I tried to write that way, I'd just stop. It wasn't any fun to do it that way. Finally, I realized that, and started just noting Things I Want in a Novel. My brain's very N of the N versus S thinking variety of the Meyers-Briggs, plus I'm a T, so I love playing connect-the-dots with disparate data in the privacy of my own brain. I love huge systems, things that fold into themselves like reality origami, so listing things this way really has sparked something. It's neat. Reflects the kinds of novels and plots I like, too, where there are lots of different things that finally come together. I was happiest coordinating the plot lines of a couple dozen authors into something that could still appear coherent. It'll be interesting to see if I can emulate something like that.

Jet and I played with water, stones, and noodles outside for lunch. He ate half a package of ramen by stuffing it all into his mouth with both fists. I guess he was hungry. After drinking all the soup his poor, stuffed nose finally ran clear, and he went down for a very, very deep nap. We're still going to the rec. center tonight, we'll see what shape he's in before taking him swimming, but he really seems to miss it.

I managed to walk a lot during the vacation. Now about at 43 miles, not as fast as many, but good enough for me. It's funny, on the way to looking at the challenge page there was this poll asking which of the characters I'd most want to meet. Oddly, though perhaps it ties into the first paragraph, I wouldn't want to meet any of them, I'd fall in love with too many of them and know it wouldn't be returned. *wry grin* So it is
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