May 9th, 2003


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Well, after getting home and napping for two hours, Jet's had lots of diarrhea. John pointed out, after he got home at 5, that the plant that I thought was missing was actually never there, so Jet may well have NOT ingested anything and just has a gut virus or something. The cramps are the body's normal way of getting stuff OUT.

Jet was running a low-grade fever, and was pretty tired all afternoon and evening, but he was cheerful through it all. He'd just endure the bad parts, fight me until I had him on the changing table and then let me clean him up, and then go back to playing. He loves watching me play Crash Bandicoot, now, and even dragged me over to the game. He had a weird night, was up for two hours with John, and when he came to me, he latched on, fighting, and when I took him up to his bed and let him finish what he'd started, he just rolled over and went back to sleep until 7:30 am. I guess he needed the immune system boost.

He had a very cheerful morning, eating plain yogurt, Pedialyte, and plain rice. He got to watch Dora for the first time in a long time with me because we'd gotten up so late, he didn't get to go with Joan until 8:40.

John's head cold is still lingering. He thought about going to the doctor this morning, but with an hour and a half wait, he gave up. He dropped by the Mexican shop someone said would have Oaxacan chocolate, but they had nothing of the sort, too small. There's supposed to be a Mexican super market in Denver that we'll check out this weekend. I should probably ask Mina as well, as she seems to have something for her mole that closely approximates traditional Oaxacan chocolate.

Yes, I'm obsessing over Oaxacan drinking chocolate and, of all things, falafel and otherwise generic bean-based fritters. Yeah for obsessions in times of trouble!