May 16th, 2003


A Little Better

Well, emotionally, at least. Talked with my boss about my frustrations, got enough courage to do that, and it helped some.

It also helped that on Wednesday I went and did water aerobics for 45 minutes, trashed myself, and last night did elliptical and weights until it was time to get Jet. He was playing outside, which was cool.

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Emotionally, I'm better off now than I was earlier this week. Lots of Chocolate, thrashing exercise, and actually getting some work done today and yesterday really helped.

Tomato plants

I gave Joan eight tomato plants today. They're all the smaller ones of the eighteen that I planted to start, but they're all ones that started and have grown. It's spring. It's supposed to be 80 tomorrow, it's been in the 70's with occasional rain. Last night's rain mobbed the eclipse, sadly. It would have been 100% occluded here. Ah well. I guess it *was* still 100% occluded.

I am so enjoying the rain, though. It feels like the first spring we were here, when there was clear skies every morning, thunderstorms every afternoon, and by sunset it would be clear and perfect out. I loved that spring. Made me feel, then, like I could live here, no problem. This spring is helping me feel more comfortable again, not so angry about being here.

It helps that the tomato plants have been outside for two days now and haven't been sunburnt, chopped up by birds, or otherwise destroyed, yet. I'll probably bring them in for tomorrow's scorcher. Still, it'll soon be time to plant them outside for good. I still can't quite believe that there was eight inches of snow less than a week ago.

Rubber Monster Breakfast

I have a little, brilliantly colored rubber finger puppet that's in the shape of a spiky monster. It makes Jet scream with delight and a little bit of fear when he finds it in my junk drawer, 'cause I'm usually there and I put it on and get it to protect my stuff.

This morning, Jet got a hold of the little finger puppet monster. He proceeded to eat some spikes off it for breakfast.