May 27th, 2003


Super busy weekend

We had a great weekend, though I got the very first migraine I've ever had, I found that I already had something to deal with it. Turns out that the NTI device that I'd gotten as a cheap toothguard actually works great against migraines, which shouldn't have surprised me as it was originally designed specifically for that.

I got my laptop last week and have been spending the last week setting it up. So I've finally gotten it to the point where I can do a few things including posting here. Whew.

We stocked up and everything on Friday. We even got hair cuts on Friday, and Jet ran himself ragged in a McDonald's play park before conceding to eat in his car seat on the way home. Saturday was cooking ribs in the morning for Monday's dinner, getting some people to look at the Range Rover, replanting all my tomato plants and the smaller of the pepper plants, and getting Jet very tired by giving him a babysitter to play with while John and I saw the Matrix Reloaded. Yay Trinity! Sunday was the Boulder Creek Fair until 2, then Jet sleeping late again, and then Crash 2 until my brain exploded. oops. Monday was recovering from all that, another grocery run, iced tea, and getting sand in Jet's sandbox,which he proudly showed Alex and Haley when we had our little BBQ.


My hands are gradually getting better, but after three months of ignoring them, it'll take a while for them to come back.
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