June 12th, 2003


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On Tuesday, along with my announcement, we had another mild change in reality.

Joan, the lady that's taken care of Jet every morning since he was seven-months-old, wants to do more work as a medical transcriber, so a friend of hers, Jodie, is taking all the kids in the morning. Alex's school is out for the summer, so he's going with Jet and Haley to Jodie's. I dropped them off there for the first time on Tuesday and they're going there again today.

It's odd, a I know that this probably means that Jet'll never go, fulltime back to Joan's. He's going to start pre-school this coming fall, at a school that Haley *isn't* going to be in, which will be very odd for him, too, but that's going to be two days a week as well.

So habits change. Jet's having a great time because he already knows Jodie's son, Dante, and Haley and Alex are there with him, too. But it's another sign, for me at least that things are changing.